4PCS 3.2V Lifepo4 200Ah Batteri DIY 12V 48V Lifepo4 Battery Pack For RV Solar System Campers Golf Cart Off-Road EU US TAX FREE

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Product Description

  • Brand Name: PWOD
  • Type: LiFePO4
  • Set Type: Batteries Only
  • Model Number: Lifepo4 Battery 200Ah
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Nominal Capacity: >3500mAh
  • Certification: CE
  • Size(L*W*H): 182x71x279mm
  • Terminal Options: Screw Hole
  • Material: Plastic Shell

[About Customs duties & taxes]

1. EU Member Countries,Custom duties and custom clearance expenses are included.UK,Japan,Canada,United States,Russian Federation,Thailand,Vietnam,Malaysia,

2. Philippines.Custom duties and custom clearance expenses are included.Other countries dos not include Customs duties & taxes.

3. Customers from New Zealand, Sweden, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, if you need to buy this product, please contact us for inquiry, 24 hours online

[Product Specifications]

Product Name:3.2V 200AH LiFePo4 Cell

Shell Material:Plastic Shell

Nominal Capacity:200Ah

Nominal voltage:3.2V

Internal resistance:0.2~0.3mΩ

Max Continuous Discharge Current:200A(1C)


Net weight:5.7±0.2kg

End-of-Discharge Voltage:2.5V

End-of-Charge Voltage:3.65V

Max charge current:Max 1C for Continous

Max discharge current:1C for Continous,2C for 180S,3C for 30S

Cycle Life :4000 cycles

Charging temperature:0-45°C

Discharge temperature:-20-55°C

Maximum Pulse Discharging Current(Long Pulse):400A(3min)

Maximum Pulse Discharging Current(Short Pulse):600A(30S)

Screw size:M8


Q:Does the sending battery include BusBar connector and screws?

Yes, add the product to the shopping cart, add the collection, we ship the battery with the BusBar connector and screws

Q:What is the life expectancy of a Lithium battery?

A: The typical estimated life of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is 5-15 years, or 2000 to 8000 charge cycles. One charge cycle is a period of use from fully charged, to fully discharged, and fully recharged again.

Q:If I want to solar charge LiFePO4/Lithium Ion battery, which already has PCB, would a normal controller work fine?

A: For LiFePO4 / Lithium Ion battery, we always recommend to use LiFePO4/Lithium Ion solar controller. Especially if you are using the battery as UPS (back up power supply). The Lead Acid solar controller will constantly provide pulse current to the battery, in the long run, it might damage the PCB. So the PCB won't be able to protect the battery when it should be..

Q:I am a distributor. Can I cooperate with battery warehouse for a long time?

A: Yes,Individual pricing for large scale projects and wholesale demands is available

Q:Why I can't buy cells from your store?

A: This is usually unable to provide accurate logistics prices for your country. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us

Q:Is the cells I bought balanced?

A: we know the importance of maintaining the consistency of each cell in the battery pack, so we will match and balance all cells to ensure that the internal resistance, voltage and capacity of cells are completely matched and balanced before delivery. This process is very necessary

Q:Why hasn't my ups or Fedex transportation number been updated?

A: This is normal, because in countries with tariffs, our packages need to pass the customs of your country before they can be delivered to the local UPS or FedEx. Once they pass the customs and update the transportation number, you can usually receive the goods within 3-5 days.

In addition, because the battery is prohibited product, many courier and logistics are unable to send, the arrival will indeed be slower, so please wait patiently after place an order. Can Not give us bad feedback due to the courier company or because of the courier service slow or other factors. open dispute will be unacceptable. Sorry for any inconvenience.

These situations not provide return nor refund

1: after the assembly or assembly process happen any problem, such as the protection board connected to the wrong wire burned lead to battery damage, charger failure, the assembly error or unbalanced assembly, etc.

2: For damage caused , such as battery bulge/ welded, battery pack without protection BMS caused by charging.

Tip: These products are batteries only, without protection board, you need to purchase a match one! You can check our shop and search BMS

Before taking the order

Please read carefully all the description before taking orders, the battery is suitable for DIY lovers with experience, people who are not familiar with electronic, please go to our shop to buy the finished product. Those buyers who buy this battery, must agree that you are familiar with the safe use of lithium battery knowledge.

DIY assembled battery note

Professionals will detected voltage/resistance/appearance and other issues before every shipment, we can only ensure that the single battery is good, when arrival you can test the cells within 2-3 days, after that means batteries have no problem, does not provide return nor refund. If you found problems you can contact us for return or refund. Battery can only be unused (the electrode intact, no welding, no wear, the appearance good) to provide return. Any return behavior buyers need to be responsible for shipping fee.


DIY battery pack must get the cells balanced (same voltage ) before assembly. Later if there happens don't know how to assembled or unbalanced assembly is not accepted refund. please consider before taking orders, place order means you have agreed. thank you for your cooperation!

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