4Pcs PKCELL 1.6V AA 2250mWhrs to 2500mWh Batteries NIZN aa Rechargeable Battery packed with Ni-Zn Battery Charger EU/US PLug


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Product Description

  • Bundle: Bundle 1
  • Battery Number: 4pcs aa battery
  • Size: AA
  • Replacement Battery: Yes
  • Set Type: Charger Sets
  • Type: Other
  • Nominal Capacity: Other
  • Model Number: AA2500 NIZN
  • Brand Name: Pkcell
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Battery Capacity: 2500mWh
  • charging battery: NIZN AA/AAA batteries
  • Replacement Battery: No
  • battery size: 14.5*50.5mm
  • is_customized: YES
  • Battery Charger: 8186 Ni-Zn Battery Charger
  • normal voltage: 1.6v
  • SIZE: AA
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

4Pcs PKCELL AA Batteries 1.6V NIZN aa Rechargeable Battery 2250mWhrs to2500mWh packed with Ni-Zn Battery Charger USB CABLE

Charger 8186 for Ni-Zn Rechargeable Battery

Product Parameters:

Product Name: NIZN Intelligent Charger

Battery Model: PK-8186

Applicable Battery Type: Nickel-Zinc Battery

Applicable Battery Model: AA and AAA

Input: DC5V 1A/2A

Output: 1.88V 250mAx4

Channel: 4 slots with single-channel

Charging Indicator light: Red Light

Fully Charged Indicator Light: Green Light

Indicator Light: Off in 9 hours charging time

Size: 85mm * 70mm * 25mm

Operation Instruction:

Capable to charge 4pcs AA/AAA rechargeable battery. Special designed for the small applicances such as digital camera, CD, Game machine, toy, Flashlight and so on.


● It is strictly prohibited to charge unlisted batteries such as nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium and alkaline dry batteries, otherwise it may cause battery leakage or explosion, and seriously cause human injury.

● The charger must be unplugged after use or before cleaning.

● Do not burn, disassemble the charger and battery, and do not short circuit or reverse install the positive and negative poles of the battery.

● Do not put the charger in rain, snow or other harsh environment.

● It is recommended to use the standard USB charging head of the mobile phone. Poor charging head will damage the charger or battery.

● Place the PKCELL's charger out of the reach of infants and children.

● It can be charged at 0 ~ 40 ℃, and it is recommended to use at 10 ~ 30 ℃.

● Remove the battery as soon as possible after it is fully charged, which can prolong the service life of the battery.

● If the charging metal terminal is dirty, please wipe it with a dry and soft cloth before use. The dirt at the outlet will cause poor contact, power failure or failure to charge.

Dear friend, please kindly note that the battery is shrink-packed, not card-packed.

Ni-Zn Rechargeable Battery 2500mWh 1.6V AA

Type:Nickel Zinc Battery

Size :AA






Nominal Voltage


Charging Current time

Fast Charge

0.5C to 1C in Amps to 1.9V/cell taper charge and cut off

Ambient Temperature

Charge Condition

0 °c-40 °c(Fast Charge)

Discharge Conditon

0 °c-50  °c

Storage Conditon

-20 °c-50 °c( ≤30 days)

-20 °c-40 °c( ≤90 days)

-20 °c-40 °c( ≤1 year )

Internal Impedance (afer discharge to E.V.=10.

20mΩ(at 1000Hz)


About 25g


14.5(D)X50.5(H)mm Max

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China, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United States