GY- BNO080 BNO085 AR VR IMU high-precision nine-axis 9DOF AHRS sensor module

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  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Sensor Type: Holzer


BNO080 / 085 is a 9-axis system-level Package (SiP) that can quickly develop augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots and IoT devices that support sensors. Developed by Bosch and Hillcrest Labs, it features high-performance accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope, and uses a small package of low-power 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 MCU. Hillcrest Freespace®The sensor hub software is pre-integrated on BNO080/085, providing excellent 9-axis and 6-axis motion tracking, enabling exciting sensor applications in a variety of consumer and IoT products.
BNO080 / 085 provides application-specific configuration, functions and performance in a small turnkey assembly. By shortening the time to market, shortening the development time and BOM cost, and provide the highest precision and quality to benefit OEM.
VR IMU uses the impressive BNO080 IMU. The IC has a combination of three-axis accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer and runs with ARM Cortex M0 to run powerful algorithms. The BNO080 inertial measurement unit (IMU) can generate accurate rotation vector titles, which are very suitable for VR and other heading applications. The static rotation error is 2 degrees or less. This is what we have been waiting for: all sensor data is combined and drift corrected to meaningful and accurate IMU information.
This IC is designed to be implemented in a Android-based phone to process all the calculations required by the VR goggles using only your phone. The sensor has powerful functions and complex power. Provides an i2c-based library that provides rotating vectors (most people want to read from IMU) as well as acceleration, gyroscope and magnetometer readings, steps, and activity classifier (such as cycling) and calibration.
VR IMU has created a demo processing application to view how the motion of IMU uses the quaternion output of IMU to accurately manipulate 3D objects.
If I2C is not your first communication choice, the sensor can also communicate through SPI and UART! If you are using UART, we recommend that you use Serial Basic to connect easily.
This version uses on-board 32kHz crystal, which can improve high precision and more accurate timestamp.



The BNO080 can communicate through a variety of interfaces. The Qwiic VR IMU has two jumpers that allows the user to select their interface of choice.

  • I2C (Default): Up to 400kHz
  • SPI: Up to 3MHz
  • UART: 3Mbps
  • UART-RVC (Robot Vacuum Cleaners): 115200kbps

Performance Characteristics:

  • Rotation Vector
    • Dynamic Error: 3.5°
    • Static Error: 2.0°
  • Gaming Rotation Vector
    • Dynamic Error: 2.5°
    • Static Error: 1.5°
    • Heading Drift: 0.5° / min
  • Geomagnetic Rotation Vector
    • Dynamic Rotation Error: 4.5°
    • Static Rotation Error: 3.0°
  • Gravity Angle Error: 1.5°
  • Linear Acceleration Accuracy: 0.35m/s2
  • Accelerometer Accuracy: 0.3m/s2
  • Gyroscope Accuracy: 3.1° / sec
  • Magnetometer Accuracy: 1.4μT



InterDigital the company’s subsidiary, the world-famous sports control software hardware supplier Hillcrest Labs, released its latestSensorThe chip has a 9-axis system Package (SiP) of BNO085, which is matched with an enhanced sensor fusion algorithm and is specially used for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3DAudioApplication. Using the VR system of BNO085, even if the control handle is not within the visual field of the system camera, it can also benefit the sense of picture stability brought by more accurate calibration between the control handle and the head display.

BNO085 inherits all the same functions of its predecessor BNO080. The latter is now widely used in VR, AR, 3D audio, robots, and IoT devices. It combines high-performance, proprietary Mo of Hillcrest LabstionEngine™Sensor Processing software combined with accelerometer, magnetometer,GyroscopeAnd low-power 32-bitARM Cortex M0+MCUPackaged in a package. BNO085 provides unique sensor fusion, motion tracking and unique application functions to support a series of consumer and industrial products that apply sensors. The latest design of BNO085 is to provide accurate dynamic tracking for VR control handles in internal and external systems of VR, AR and 3D audio cable connector display.

BNO085 improvements designed for VR systems include:

• Improved dynamic tracking, through the improvement of internal and external camera systems;

• Significantly reduce the delay error, making the control handle consistent with the picture frequency of the head Display;

• The Operation effect between the double control handles in the double control handle system is closely synchronized.

• Even outside the vision field of the camera, the sensor can track the rotating motion of one or more control handles and output the picture smoothly and directionally.

Compared with the previous generation product BNO085, it is characterized by low power consumption and compact size, while providing low latency, 1kHz sampling rate, smooth directional output, and accurate dynamic tracking function. Developers and system integrators benefit from faster time to market, shorter development time, reduced BOM costs, and the highest accuracy and product quality. At present, two well-known brands 3Glasses and ANTVR have used BNO085 sensor modules of Hillcrest Labs in VR field, providing their customers with a better VR experience.

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