DIY audiophile 1969 amplifier kit HIFI Hood Class A amplifier sunken gold board 2X15W Max Audio Power Amplifer


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  • Package: SMD
  • Model Number: WM-040
  • Operating Temperature: HOOD 1969 amplifier Completed board
  • Dissipation Power: 50W
  • Supply Voltage: amplifier Completed board
  • Application: Computer
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Voltage Regulator



1: Widely used

2: The operation is simple and easy to understand

3: Classic Class A 1969 discrete power amplifier board

4: Class A power amplifier has better sound quality than ordinary types

5: 2 channel stereo


Configuration details parameters:

Power supply voltage: DC12-30V (direct current)

Power supply: 40W or more is recommended

Output power: 20W X 2 MAX

Output impedance: 4-16 ohms

Channel: 2 channel stereo

Feature: Classic Class A 1969 Discrete Power Amplifier Board

Size: 130*50*60mm (length * width * height)

Net weight: 383.6g


Important hint:

1. The maximum power depends on the power supply voltage power and speaker impedance;

2. Please pay attention to monitor the temperature of the heat sink during use, if necessary, it is recommended to use a fan to assist heat dissipation;

3. The design size is for reference only, and there is a deviation from the actual product, please refer to the actual product. The new version is designed with 1969 Class A power amplifier, with superior performance in materials and indicators.

1969 is a more distinctive power amplifier, a very special current negative feedback circuit, which is different from common voltage feedback, without high frequency compensation, very wide frequency response, and very high stability.

The board is compatible with common power tubes such as TIP41C and TTC5200. After actual audition, because it is a Class A power amplifier, the sound quality is better than ordinary Class A and B or digital power amplifiers, and the music flavor is very strong!


The kit uses fully imported fever capacitors, original transistors, and industrial-grade Kingboard FR-4 high-quality spray tin plate. The weldability and durability are guaranteed, and the improvement of sound quality is also obvious.


Two M3 screw holes are specially designed at the bottom of the heat sink to fix the power amplifier to the chassis, which is not only firm, but also more conducive to heat dissipation.



Packing included:

1*Amplifier kit


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