NJM2150 BBE Tone Preamplifier Board Front Signal Sound Effect Exciter Improve High and Low Bass Clarity JRC2150 Treble Bass Amp


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  • Condition: New
  • Type: Voltage Regulator


Product selling points.

1. The use of high-quality materials, durable

2. The use of JRC2150BBE sound processing chip

3. Modular circuit design, power on that use

4. Power supply voltage regulator chip, effectively improve the clarity of the audio signal high and low, audio-visual effects more realistic

5. With BBE straight switch (OFF-OFF, ON-ON)

6. Wide range of applications



PCB size: 50 * 33mm

Operating voltage: DC5v-24v


Package list.

Package A: tone board * 1

Package B: tone board * 1 gray line * 2 red and black lines * 1


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