ZK-AM100F lead type KTV microphone audio machine 2.1 channel Bluetooth power amplifier board 50+50+100W amplifier chip TPA3116D2


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Product selling points.

1. The use of high-quality materials, quality assurance

2. Two-way microphone input, support wireless microphone (need to bring the receiver), condenser microphone, moving coil microphone, etc.

3. Outside the winding shield using high-density environmentally friendly tinned copper wire stranded production, high density, for

Connection signal plays a very good shielding effect, not subject to direct contact or radiation signal interference

4. Can change the Bluetooth name of each product, can modify the Bluetooth connection password

5. can adjust the volume of the tone, and the tone can be selected on or off

6. Potentiometer external lead, easy to install



Model: ZK-AM100F

Name: 50Wx2 + 100W lead microphone audio integrated machine

Power amplifier chip: TPA3116D2

Bluetooth version: 5.1

Bluetooth transmission distance: 15 meters

Audio input: Bluetooth + AUX + U disk + USB sound card + MIC

Audio output: left channel 50W + right channel 50W + subwoofer 100W

Adaptable power supply: DC12-24V, ≥8A (can not be connected to AC)

Adaptable speakers: left and right channel 20-50W, 4-8Ω; subwoofer 20-100W, 3-8Ω

External lead: 6 x 7P shielded wire 35cm

Two-way volume adjustment.

1. background music volume adjustment, with multi-function buttons ( click to pause, double-click the next, long press to switch on and off) 2. microphone volume adjustment

Protection mechanism: input anti-reverse, over temperature, over current, short circuit, anti-static protection

Features: dual microphone input

Support Wuzhi Audio APP, modify Bluetooth name, password setting, beep volume adjustment, on/off beep, sleep song, firmware upgrade, etc.

Product size: 100x112x18mm (amplifier board) ; 100x45x18mm (microphone board)

Product weight: 238g net weight, including packaging 301g


Package list.

Power amplifier board * 1

Accessories combination * 1 (4 50K resistance potentiometer need to break open to use)


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