PAM8610 Audio Power Amplifier Board Class D Digital Power Amp Board 12V 15W X 2 with Delay Multiple Protection Audio Accessories


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  • Dimensions (WxHxD)): 49x45mm
  • Model Number: Digital Audio Amplifier Board
  • Compatible Audio & Video Equipment Style: Amplifier
  • Certification: NONE

PAM8610 Digital Audio Amplifier Board Class D Audio Power Amplifier Board 15W X 2 with Delay Dual Channel Multiple Protection

1.Multiple Protections for Safe Use: This digital audio amplifier board features over-current, temperature, and short-circuit protection, ensuring safe and reliable use. The multiple protections ensure that the amplifier board operates safely and protects your equipment from damage.
2.Noise-Free Operation: This audio power amplifier board is designed with a reasonable circuit layout, ensuring noise-free operation without requiring external speakers. The board produces high-quality audio output without any distortion or external noise interference.
3.LC Filter for Clean Power Supply: This digital amplifier board module utilizes an LC filter to provide a pure and clean power supply, reducing ripple and minimizing interference. The filter helps remove unwanted noise, providing a clear and undistorted audio signal.
4.Delayed Start-up and DC12V Power Supply: This dual power audio amplifier board module features a DC12V power supply, with a delayed start-up function to prevent any impact sound or speaker damage. The delayed start-up function ensures that the amplifier board powers up gradually, preventing any sudden surges that might damage your equipment. The DC12V power supply ensures stable and reliable performance without causing any interference or noise.
5.100% Original Electronic Components: This Class-D digital power HD amp board uses only 100% original electronic components, ensuring high-quality and long-lasting performance. The use of original components ensures superior audio quality, reliability, and durability.

Compatible Audio & Video Equipment Style: Amplifier
Model Number: Digital Audio Amplifier Board
Product Name: Digital Audio Amplifier Board
Working mode: Class D (PWM modulation)
Chip selection: PAM8610
Power supply range: DC6~15V (protection)
Recommended voltage: DC6~12V
Frequency response: 20Hz-15KHz
Channel type: two-channel
Static current: 20MA (at DC12V)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 90%
Recommended speakers: 10~100W
Input impedance: 20M lossless
Output impedance: 4~8Ω
Harmonic distortion: <0.1%
Product size: About 49x45mm/1.93×1.77in

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1 x Amplifier Board Board




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